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The Distraction Plan Unveiled

Who: Dilandau Albatou and everyone who wants to participate.
Where: The Woods
When: Day 75

The previous few days have been busy setting up the plan and now it's time to put it into action. It's dawn of the 75th day and Dilandau is at the edge of the woods, eager for the destruction that's going to follow.

"Get into your positions." Is the only order he snaps out. "And when I say run, you run back towards the Time Lord's house as fast as you can."

OOC: Jump in whatever thread you like, have the characters communicate however you wish. Here is the plan of what'll be going down. We can handwave recruitment if nothing's been formally arranged.
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Re: People getting into place

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Lookout is about all Rat is good for, lacking both supernatural powers and fighting skills. He takes the job seriously, though. He's concealed by bushes at the base of a tree, one that has some lower branches and is easily climbable for a quick, if temporary escape if one is needed. If he stands up, he's plenty tall enough to draw attention and flag somebody over if they need to use it themselves, and he's supposedly in sight of at least one of the traps.

He waits, and watches, feeling deeply uneasy about this whole thing.
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Balthazar feels he knows the woods as well as anyone by now. He spent several days hunting the wildlife, and if he never clashed with one of the metal bears, it's only because some instinct within him drove him to respect the boundaries of their territory. Now, of course, he's heading directly toward them, with the intent of drawing their fire. He's still not sure it's a good idea, but he's convinced if he doesn't do it, someone more vulnerable to injury will.

That's enough reason. Besides, it might be a laugh.

He senses Rat in place as he passes by on his way, and pauses to peer over at him. "You're awfully deep in the wood here. Do you have anything to defend yourself with?"
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Perhaps he's not quite as well hidden as he hoped, but also Rat half stands when he hears someone coming his way. The run of a person sounds vastly different from the running of a bear, and he wants to be spotted if he's needed. Balthazar looks all right so far, though, and in answer he meekly holds up a slightly rusty garden hoe. It's the best form of weapon he could come up with, in a pinch. He was so hoping to put it to pleasanter uses, but needs must...

"This is where I was told to be... you okay?" He doesn't look at all happy about being here.
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"I'm perfectly all right. Going to go make some trouble."

Balthazar blinks slowly at the rusty hoe. "That's...were you morally opposed to a real weapon or was it just that no one thought to arm you? I don't think that's going to be useful against robot bears."
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"I've... never really fired a gun, and it was all I could find, anyway..." His gaze shifts to the woods behind Balthazar, scanning the foliage as he tries his best to do his assigned job, pathetically equipped though he may be for it.
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"I think guns are at a premium, anyway. We really should have thought the details of this out better. Someone's going to get hurt." He frowns at Rat for a long moment.

"All right, this is going to sound strange, but listen anyway. If you run into trouble, yell for me. My name: Balthazar. All right? I'll hear you."
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Rat sighs, because that was his assessment too, and he's just hoping somebody else knows more than he does and the needs of the many outweigh the risks of the few. He gives a nod, though, still scanning the woods studiously. "Okay. And thanks. I'll try not to need it..."
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For a moment, he's tempted to call his participation in this crazy idea off completely. The fact that this poor man has been stationed on the frontlines with a garden implement is just painful. But, no. In for a penny, in for a pound.

The last time he made that decision didn't end well.

He nods at Rat, sighing, and moves ahead again, wading quietly through the undergrowth.
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This man has no illusions about his chances, at least. He's not suicidal, but everyone else seems so dead set on escape, so desperately anxious about it, that he'd feel wrong not trying to help work toward that goal.

This is all he's got to contribute, so here he is. As Balthazar lurks away again, he drops down to hide once more, watching.

Crouched low as he is, the smell of smoke doesn't reach him until it's very close.