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What traitors books can be!

WHAT: deep research mode
WHEN: Day 72-75ish
WHERE: it all happens in THE LIBRARY
NOTES: Come visit the BUFFSTER at any point this week and she'll be researching random crap. Or mostly like flipping through books and looking at the pictures. That's totally the same. Put the day in the subject line if contiguity is like, important to you or something.

[Buffy rolls in like a summer wind and starts plucking books off the shelf. Soon a nearby study table is creaking with the weight of them as she sits and starts slowly pouring over them. She makes stupid crinkly-nose faces at them as she goes like that will make the knowledge come to her faster. This is so hard. She usually left this to Willow and Giles so she could go punch stuff.

She was so much better at punching stuff.

Holding up a fist, she glares down at the book she'd been reading. Maybe she can threaten it into cooperating.]
That is it, Senor Book, I have had it up to here with you! [...and then she realizes that was maybe louder than one was supposed to be in a library and lowers her voice again, eyes going wide as she takes the book back up with both her hands.] I really will hit you if you don't tell me what I wanna know.
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A narrow face pokes out from the end of an aisle, and the man who owns it raises an eyebrow at her, but he doesn't look terribly bothered, more bemused. "I don't think they respond well to threats... but you could try breaking its spine."
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"Oh? Maybe I should just stay over here, then." He's just as amiable in person, but much, much taller. He's carrying a book on gardening, and he looks shabby enough to have recently been working in one.
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He ambles over- all six-foot-seven-inches of him, and sinks down with his reading material. "Some of the people here are trying to set up a garden, to add to our food supply. I'm afraid I don't know much about it, so I'm giving myself a crash course. We're limited to what seeds and plants we can find here, but you'd be amazed how many wild plants and weeds it turns out are edible..." He pauses, and looks apologetic. "But I'm rambling. What are you researching?"
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He slouches a little, habitually, hoping to offset this. It doesn't really work. He's too skinny, and that just accentuates his height and makes him generally look like a shabby, middle-aged beanpole.

He drops into the offered chair and glances at what she's been reading. "That's... more of a long-term goal, I guess. I'm afraid I don't even have the first idea how to do that."
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"I'd offer to help, but I'm honestly not sure where to start. Gardening and irrigation systems seems easier. What have you got so far?" He leans over to look at the books she's collected, checking titles but being careful not to disturb any possible order of arrangement she's got going.

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[Dilandau had been browsing for something boring enough that no one would miss it if he stole it to use for fuel. He looks over when the quiet is interrupted and laughs at her]

I don't know if anyone's told you, woman, but the books don't talk back.
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[Super crazy enough that it draws another snort out of him.]

How are you going to torture it? Rip out the pages until it squeals?

[If he could throw his voice he'd so do it, just to see how she'd respond]

And that's Dilandau to you. I'm not a Mister either, I'm a Squadron Leader. If you want to give me a title it's Lord.
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Why are you even trying, then? These books were left here by our captors. If there's any clues in them about what's happening here they'll be more subtle than what you'd manage to find.

[He strides over and leans over her shoulder to look at what she's reading.]

If that book's useless I'll take it for myself.
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[And just because he's a prick, he's going to lean in further to grab it]

And you're only hurting your little head staring at it. Give it here, I need something to start off my fire.

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[ Charles is so used to walking to the library that this time he even has his mug of mint tea with him. He's slowly working his way around the stacks, as though there's some hidden meaning to the cape. Although he hasn't found it yet. He doesn't really expect her to be there though - the library has a few regulars but it's often empty - but recognising her voice is easy enough and he follows it through the aisles.

There's no tweed in sight, Buffy, but there is a cardigan that's a little too big and one of those bright but very British-ly polite smiles.
] I don't think they're sentient enough to understand the threat, Miss Summers.

[ Leaning against a shelf. ] I wonder if I could help you in any way?
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apparently i lost a number of charles tags a while back? oops.

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[ He doesn't laugh, but there is amusement there. ] I'm terribly sorry. A lifetime of living in libraries and I think I've perfected the silent glide.

[ Inclining his head. ] What seems to be the problem?
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[ He glances to the big ol' stack of books at her table. ] I confess I've been through the books a dozen times myself and am none the wiser.
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I don't think our captors would give their hand away by allowing us to read up on nefarious schemes in the local textbooks.

[ He leans against a shelf, his arms crossed. ] That would be too easy.

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