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log: stranger in a strange land

WHO: Helena Bertinelli and Y O U !
WHAT: Arrival, confusion, lurking around town and working the 'confused civilian' angle
WHEN: TODAY! Day 81!
WHERE: House 17/around town.

In her line of work, getting caught off-guard can be fatal, so it's no wonder Helena's on edge from the moment she wakes up somewhere completely unfamiliar, with some kind of strange recorded message welcoming her. She's a little stiff - no surprise, after the ordeal she just went through - but not so much so that she can't push herself out of the bed she's in, check herself, check the conveniently-placed duffel bag at her feet for its contents. Her uniform, her crossbow. All accounted for, not tampered with. Weird.

Taking the bag with her, Helena slips through the quiet house, careful not to make any noise, listening for voices or movement. The last time she'd woken up in an unfamiliar house, her 'captor' had turned out to be a friend, but she's not taking any chances.

Once she's outside, she'll be taking the grand tour around most of the town; getting an idea of her surroundings, wherever the hell this is, sweater sleeves rolled up, hair pulled out of her face, dark purple duffel bag slung over her shoulder.

The lack of road out really is disconcerting.
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Coffee is in short supply around here, and the longer he's stuck here, the more terrible that seems. After several days of helping with both the gardening and the reconstruction of the diner, Rat is stiff and sore and first thing in the morning it's all the worse. Sleeping in an alley doesn't help, which means when he stumbles out of 'bed' it's straight into the street, groggy and cotton-mouthed. The odds of the lamppost stumbling right into somebody else are pretty good.
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Homeless, shabby, and absurdly tall. As soon as he sees her- which is about the time she takes a step back, he flails a little to get out of her way and looks deeply apologetic. "Gah! Sorry! Sorry about that..." He's not only harmless, but now he's sheepish too, and gives a sort of awkward bow in apology. "Yes, I should. I guess I just got used to how quiet the streets are here. I'm okay. Are you okay?"

He's been working too hard this week, really.
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At this, he looks even more sheepish, although that's something of an admission by guilt. "It's... well, there's limited housing, here. Ah, Are you new? Have you already gotten the speech?" He rubs his face briefly, but embarrassment has him pretty much awake, now.