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A candy-coloured clown they call the sandman tiptoes to my room every night

Who: Donna, [open]
Where: In her dreams
When: Days 83-88
What: All the dreams!
Warnings: Mentions of extreme pain and possible death, oh and sex.
Notes: Catch all post. Come one, come all. Dreams will be repeated and all that jazz so multiple replies are welcomed. And starting blurbs are only base ideas, so feel free to roll with it and do whatever!

1: Just a picture perfect family.

Donna is a proud mother if two lovely children Josh and Ella. She's married to a gorgeous man named Lee who basically worships the ground she walks on. She has a pretty little house. Life is perfect. Too perfect.

It's a false world. A memory of a world within a computer. Her perfect story with her perfect family and her perfect happy ending. But she's happy. So, so happy.

2: There's never been a Human-Time Lord metacrisis before now. And you know why.

It burns. Everything is burning. Her mind feels like it's on fire, eating away at all that she is, all that she has ever been. Her memories melt away, burning under the weight and the heat and the mass of eons of shared knowledge and shared memories of the ancient Time Lord race.

A human mind cannot contain a Time Lord consciousness and it's killing her. She just wants the pain to stop. She can't think. She can't... It hurts. She grips her head, trying to stop the endless pain. She's curled up on the floor cradling her aching head. She's sobbing. It hurts. She's dying. She can't stop it. Someone stop the pain. Please?

3: I wanna sex you up.

Obligatory sexytime dream! Come on, everyone has them. Donna is in bed (on the beach/on a sofa/wherever) with a celebrity crush, or maybe one of her many Cape Kore crushes, or maybe it's you she's in bed with!

Are you a voyeur? Or are you joining in? Do you dream merge and become the celebrity?

It's a very naked ginger goddess. Enjoy.

4: Right now that wooden door. Is just wood.

The TARDIS. Bigger on the inside. Capable of travelling anywhere in Time and Space. And quite frankly Donna's favourite place in the entire universe. The coral desktop, the dust and grime and the jumpseat with it's tears and holes patched up with duct tape. Perfectly imperfect.

Whether she's in the console room helping to decide on the next destination, in the kitchen baking cakes, in the library on the sofa by the fire reading, lounging in the pool, hiding in her room or taking a walk through the gardens; there’s nowhere else she'd rather be.

5: Anything goes.

Got an idea not listed above? Throw it in here. This includes the dream city and anything else you can think of.
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1: Picture Perfect

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It's so pretty, picturesque, pastel colors and family photos on the wall, bright and modern and terribly unfamiliar. He doesn't belong here. He's just a looming, shabby, dirty bum, plunked down unceremoniously in the lovely living room. He can hear children playing, somewhere nearby. "I... uh..." Rat blinks around, and hnches a little, bewildered.
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There's a definite hesitation, but Rat takes the teacup as delicately as he knows how, never mind how ridiculous it looks in his big hands. He's got some idea how to behave like a gentleman, though, and he'll make his best effort out of sheer reflex. "It's... beautiful, here. Picturesque. Uh... thank you." He takes one biscuit, with a grateful little smile, and then gives another slightly perplexed look around the room.

"Have... you... been here long?"
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"...Yeah. It really does... No, thank you." He smiles, making the refusal polite, but he hasn't even tasted the first biscuit. "It... actually feels a little like a dream. A lot like a dream." He's beginning to get an idea of what's going on, and hoping she'll work it out herself without his breaking the peaceful scene.

He's afraid if he starts to suggest this isn't real, she'll take him for a loony and kick him out.
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He hesitates, sharp blue eyes studying her face and torn between a strong desire to probe for the truth, and his instincts against hurting other people. There's something he reads in her expression, maybe a subconscious 'please', and he gives a quiet sigh and a small smile. "Tell me about your children? We never managed to have any..."
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He echoes her smile faintly, but his expression grows concerned again when her memory seems to falter. "What... are you sorry for?"
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He looks a little concerned, and reaches for her shoulder with a gentle touch. "That's... okay. What do you remember?"
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His smile is tentative, but hopeful, and he nods and lightly squeezes her shoulder. "Do you remember Cape Kore?"
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His eyebrows rise a little. "I assume you mean because there's cameras everywhere, unless there's some obscene details nobody's bothered to tell me..." He's glad to have her back to what passes for reality.
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Whether or not it's meant to, that gets his attention, and Rat glances around as the pretty house dissolves around them into nothing. He's sad to see it go, really. "...A disturbing dedication to control and monitor every detail... It... was a nice dream." He sighs.
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"I'm... I'm sorry, for whatever that's worth..." He feels as though his voice is fading, and even the couch beneath him seems to have gone, yet he doesn't fall because there's no floor, either. It's a little unnerving to lose one's grip on the world, but they'll both be back in another, more solid place soon.