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Blackout, House 11

Who: Balthazar, Rat and Open!
What: Lights are out. They should build a pillowfort and tell scary stories, right?
When: Day 101
Where: House 11, with possible visits around town by Balthazar, should anyone want that.

All right, so the blackout is, in itself, not terribly alarming. Inconvenient, yes, but provided the weather stays tolerably warm and nothing horrible comes out of the woods to kill them, it's just annoying.

At least in the short term. In the long term, water will need to be boiled and distilled, food storage will have to be tweaked, etc. Balthazar's hoping it won't come to that. Right now, it seems best to treat this as temporary.

On the second day after the lights go out, he's taken the initiative to snag some supplies from the store and junkpiles around town and created a couple makeshift light sources: three candles and an oil lamp in an empty wine bottle. The dim glow is visible from outside the house, a small circle of golden flames. Combine it with a little of the moonshine he's gotten from Ellen and it's almost festive, in a rustic sort of way.
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If he'd still been sleeping out on the street, Rat might not have even noticed there was a blackout, but as it is he's still made no complaints. He's got a sofa to crash on and he's not starving, so it's all good.

He comes back in from who-knows-where to Balthazar setting up a little party of light, and blinks in the glow of the candles. "...That's pretty. What's the occasion?"
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"...Oh. Well that's... festive." His eyebrows rise, then he looks a little crestfallen as the bottle is retracted.

"Not today, no. Sorry... and I'd take a drink." He sinks down onto one end of the couch, setting the guitar at his feet. It's very homey, somehow, with all the candles. "You seem in good spirits about it all..."
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Speaking of Chuck, hi, hello, here he is.

Chuck keeps to himself, most times. Usually it's never been a problem, but now, with the power gone, it gets dark. And perhaps that's a bit stating the obvious, but sitting in the attic with no lights just feels like a bad idea.

And so, when it gets dark enough, he makes his way down stairs to find Balthazar and, he supposes, the friend Balthazar invited over. "Oh, you found candles."

Wait, did he hear something about s'mores?
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"Hey." Balthazar's friend, the lanky, shabby, middle-aged guy with the guitar, looks up and gives a friendly smile. He's got the cup of dubious booze in his hand by then, but he hasn't tasted it yet, made wary by the angel's warning. "Candles, music, drinks, it's practically a party."

He hasn't seen much of Chuck, even though he's couch-surfing in the same house, now, so he's making even more than his usual effort to be inviting.
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Chuck gives a small smile at Rat. He's not exactly... the most social person on the planet, but Rat is a friend of Balthazar's, so that means he can't be all bad. "Hey. It's, uh, nice to meet you. Heard you were staying over for a while."

And he's fine with it, really. Gabriel and Balthazar aren't bad roommates, but well.... Gabriel. So, it's nice having someone else play buffer for a while.

He nods in response to Balthazar's question. "Yeah, sure, I'd love a drink."
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"Rat is fine." He shrugs. "Or Markus. Balthazar wouldn't take no for an answer, but I'll try to keep out of the way." He smiles, takes a sip of his drink at last, and pauses a moment while his eyes water slightly. It's been a while since he's had anything this strong. Beer is cheaper, and most days just getting food is expensive enough.

"...a strong drink. Where did you get this stuff from, Balthazar?"
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Chuck isn't sure what may or may not have happened to leave Rat without a place to stay, but he does know one thing for certain. "Well, I mean, we have the space, right?" And he doesn't just mean now that Anna's gone. Living in a house with angels who don't eat or sleep left the house empty in a number of different ways.

"Thanks," Chuck takes the glass that Balthazar poured for him, taking a drink. Even with Rat and Balthazar mentioning it was strong, it was still stronger than he expected it to be. "Oh, wow. Yeah, uh, Ellen certainly knows what she's doing, I'll give her that."
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Rat has been without a place to stay for years, long enough that looking for one has dropped off his priority list a long time ago. "Well, if I do get in the way, let me know?"

He watches Chuck drink, and gives a rueful smile. "Sorry Balthazar, I guess my stomach isn't what it used to be. Honey, or even a little more water might help..." He assumes Chuck could benefit from having his diluted, too, but he'll take the blame for it if he can.
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Chuck gives a nod at Rat. "Yeah, no, definitely." Although, even if Rat did happen to get in the way, Chuck doesn't think he would actually complain. Besides, it was nice being able to converse with someone who was human. "But, uh, I'm sure you'll be fine."

He quirks up his lips in a bit of a smile. "It wouldn't be the first time." Nevertheless, he reaches for the honey anyways, putting a bit of it into his drink.
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"Well, I... play guitar, and sing. Not everybody is a music lover, so I can keep that outside the house, if it's a problem?" He's trying to be the most polite house guest he knows how to be, because just the few nights he's already had on the couch were a slice of Heaven.

Balthazar he's more relaxed with, and he gives the angel a look that's a mix of skepticism and amusement, but adds to his drink as suggested and takes a sip. Julep. Sure. After it's been mixed with moonshine and a little turpentine, possibly. "...Not so much, really. Not bad, though."
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Chuck shakes his head. "No, I... back home, I used to listen to music when I wrote. So that shouldn't be a problem."

Chuck considers Balthazar's question for a moment before he shakes his head. "Song lyrics? No, I was never any good at poetry." And then he turns to Rat. "You write your own songs?"
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"Sometimes." Rat is modest. "I've written some, and I still play some the other guys in the band wrote, but I play a variety... but no campfire songs, got it." He tips his hat to Balthazar with a grin.

"You ever want inspiration, I'd be happy to help. What do you write?"
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Yeah, Chuck sees that look of so-called perfect innocence and raises you a pair of rolled eyes. "Yeah, no, uh. Sam threatened to shoot me if I published any more books. I... I don't think a song would be any better."

He turns his attention back to Rat. "It's, uh..." No, he's answered this question already before, what did he say? "...paranormal fiction?"
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"...I'm sensing there's a long story behind this..." He blinks, but smiles. "I've never read any, but I'd be curious to." He's offering to read Chuck's books because he thinks it's the polite thing to do, but he's not even sure what paranormal fiction is.