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For Fear of Nightmares

Who: Martha and Open
When: Day 104
Where: Around the Island
What: Martha is not sleeping much at all. It's going to catch up.
Note: None for now...

Martha took a sip of water to sooth her throat, and crawled out her window yet again. She doubted her roommate would notice, but still, it was easier to just leave.

The latest nightmare had been really difficult. She had relived Japan again, but this time she saw it from The Valiant. A last look before her own execution. Her screams woke her before he could kill her, but she was shaken.

The sleepless nights were starting to catch up to her. She was trying to eat, but she was too exhausted to even feel hungry. And all possible exertion had to be saved for clinic duties. And helping people from the sea monster attack. So a few nibbles of crackers here and some canned something or other there was how she nourished herself. Ned would not be pleased.

If she were honest with herself, Martha knew she had to sleep. Had to deal with it. But the nightmares... she couldn't keep facing them. She'd rather die than be forced to watch Japan burn again. Or any of the other things she kept reliving. And so Martha walked through the night, hoping to find distraction until morning.
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When he wakes in the night, Rat's first inclination is to go out and have a smoke on the porch, but a certain doctor officially told him to quit. Instead he grabs some cold tea, and goes out to just sit and listen to the quiet. Which is occasionally disturbed by his own coughing, but that does seem to be improving gradually.

He's not expecting anybody else up, and tenses a little when he sees a figure up the street. "...Hello?"
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Some people aren't used to keeping a regular schedule, anyway. He stops squinting once he recognizes who she is.

"Is it? I'm... getting better. Not quite there yet, but I don't feel like I've been run over by a truck anymore. Having a couch to crash on helps." Rat pats the porch step beside him, scooting over. "What're you up for? I could get you tea..."
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His eyebrows go up a little. "I... wasn't assigned anything. And the streets seemed quiet enough... but then Balthazar insisted I come stay here a while, after I... well. just before I came to see you." His scruffy, dirty look was not by choice, and he probably does look- and smell better than he did the first time she met him. Rat is happy to use a shower, once he has access to one.

"It's healing like normal bruising. I'm trying not to think too hard about how it might've happened. I feel like I'm on the mend in general, I just wish I knew from what."
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They may never know exactly what happened, since Rat himself has no memory of it, but the bruises themselves are proof enough that something happened, and Balthazar's idea about abduction was right.

"I... guess I got overlooked." He smiles gently, "It's okay. I've got somewhere to crash now. Balthazar's been good to me." He gives a slight jerk of his head to indicate the house who's porch he's sitting on. "And I've got Ellen's full permission to play at the bar. Honestly, most of the time this place isn't so bad."
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"Mostly blues, but I can fake other styles as needed. I only have a guitar these days, though." He's lucky he had that with him, when he got pulled to this place, but it's the most important thing he owns and he keeps it with him out necessity anyway.
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"I'd offer to play right now, but my guitar's inside and Chuck's probably sleeping..." He's trying hard to respect his housemates, since he doesn't take his own being there for granted.

He's never been in such desperate circumstances as she's seen, but he knows firsthand the need for music among people with little left to lose. "Med school is probably a nobler pursuit." He smiles gently. "But self-expression is important. I used to teach, but mostly junior high. Adults are usually a lot more reluctant to learn."
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Rat gives a gentle smile, much more relaxed now than the first time she met him. "I don't know about noble, but I like kids, and I liked watching them discover music. Art isn't just about performing, it's about self-expression and connecting with people on a level you can't any other way."
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The friendly smile fades into a look of concern. Rat's noticed the shift in mood, some subtle clues in her face. "That's just what the blues are all about. Forgetting your troubles... or at least sharing them. You okay?" He reaches a hand to rub her shoulder gently, fatherly.
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He gives her a gentle smile, and rubs her shoulder a moment more before letting his hand drop away. Rat doesn't want the gesture to be taken the wrong way, but everyone in this place seems so badly in need of a little extra reassurance. "I know the feeling. If you ever need a friendly ear, don't hesitate to ask?"
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He's not going to pry, but he does mean the offer. "You should come by the bar sometime... Ellen lets me play the blues there. Sometimes a good song and some quiet company helps." Rat looks out into the night, and leans against the porch railing comfortably. Possibly he should go back to bed shortly.
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"You try to get some sleep too, okay?" He gives her a friendly, if sleepy smile.