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And all the green belts wrapped around our minds

Who: Fortescue & you
Where: House 15, the bar (or anywhere in town, really).
When: Day 111
What: She's used to living by herself. Too used to it.

Jazz wakes her up, just as light's beginning to shine through the window; he paws at her arm, and for one surreal moment it feels like she's in a much larger bed — in a much draftier house. But then Fortescue opens her eyes, and the illusion shatters. Not fast enough, in her mind. She can still hear the distant sound of airships, the sound of her computer switching on to display the latest news of the war.

Here, it's dead quiet. She hears nothing other than her cat's agitated purring, as he tries to burrow underneath the covers with her. Fortescue watches his unsuccessful attempts for a few minutes. It's hard to believe that, eleven or so years ago, Jazz was a hardened alley cat who had to be collected from the streets by hard men wearing gloves. He'd spitted and hissed and clawed everything in reach. Now? He's grumpy because she won't share her warmth. She chuckles and gets up, leaving him to take her spot. She won't tease him today. Not when, a day before, he was clinging to her and confused on account of the earthquake.

Fortescue only has a few bruises, and a splinter she can't dig out. Not too much is out of place, the previous day being spent shifting things back into place and surveying for immediate damage to the house. She'd gone to bed with a vicious headache from using so much magic, and mercifully she hadn't woken up with it.

This is the fourth day of Dilandau being gone. It's strange, not having him around — and she'd never thought that would be the case. She's lived by herself for eleven years. And yet, she'd acclimated to his presence with a strange quickness. Sure, they needled each other. Sure, he was irritating. And sure, sometimes she wanted to throw him out a window. But somewhere along the line she'd started thinking about him as an annoying little brother, and they still don't know what happens when people are taken. (Are they tortured? Opened up, put back together?) Memory modifications provide few answers. His disappearance right from under her nose is especially unnerving to a woman trained in stealth.

The house that isn't, and is, theirs is nothing like the sleek and old lines of Blacksing, the manor the government is nice enough to practically imprison her in. House 15 has a vague family feel to what's left of it. Whether that's correct or not, it's carpet and softness where Blacksing is hard wood and stone. The differences both soothe and aggravate her nerves, and the return of a reliable network and power, oddly, don't help.

She spends the morning attempting to dig the damn splinter out of her right index finger (and cuddling her still-agitated cat), before giving up and going back to work on the roof. The patch job is nothing fancy, just applications of pieces of tarp, tar, a few loose roofing tiles, and nails. But by the time she's finished, she's ready for anything else. Sitting still on the roof, she can almost hear the noise of airship engines and the yells of frightened but resolved soldiers. (Is there anywhere that she isn't trapped?)

Jazz pads unusually close as she ventures out in the direction of the bar. A drink is desperately needed. Solace, however she can find it. Blacksing is far away from here, and it doesn't feel far enough. It shouldn't be able to taunt her with her promise, the promise she can't fulfill here, and yet it is.
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For a while now, Rat's been quiet, mostly sticking to the house with Chuck and the angels. Now that he's got a couch to crash on, he's making full use of it. A large part of this is he's been recovering from an unexplained absence. Physically, he's healed, but psychologically he's feeling a little jumpy still, and struggling not to show it.

Being welcomed to the bar by Ellen has helped, though. He comes there with his guitar fairly regularly, to sing and play whether he has an audience or not. He's pleased to see a familiar face, though. Since the earthquake the other day, things feel more unstable than ever.

"Hey there. Been a while."
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The abduction left him feeling rough, but he's making an effort to go on as if it never happened, at least externally. The warm greeting extracts a returning smile. Fortescue is one of his favorite people around here, and he's got a little grin for the cat, too. "Still in one piece, and getting better sleep than I'm used to, so no complaints. How are you holding up?"
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"Oh... well, it's softer than I'm used to, I guess. I'm feeling better." His expression says he's not sure he's buying that she's fine, though. Rat crouches to pet Jazz briefly. "Good to see you two survived the earthquake okay..."
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He gives a sympathetic grimace, and an extra ear scratching. "Can't say I blame him. I thought it was pretty scary..." Rat gets to his feet with a grunt and looks her over again. "You're sure you're all right, though?"
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"It's not something we see a lot, in my part of the country. Tornadoes, sure, but not earthquakes." He sits nearby, sliding his guitar into his lap and resting his arms on it.

"I have to admit, it left me with a kind of 'what's coming next' feeling, but I don't like to be so pessimistic." Rat doesn't even realize how weird he is for being so optimistic about Cape Kore so far.
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"Just not a good way to approach things, but..." He smiles weakly. "I've got some cigarettes. Our new doctor convinced me to quit. If you want to start a public betting pool, I'll give you a couple to place bets with."
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Strip poker would keep people in Kore just as entertained as gambling would, really. Maybe she should organize a game.

Rat sighs, coughs, and rolls his eyes to the ceiling. "I cut way back years ago by necessity, but... well. At least I've got the guitar to keep my fingers busy. I didn't think it'd be hard, quitting completely..."
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"I'm not sure if it's that, or just... the place getting to me. I still don't like not knowing what happened to me when I went missing..." He hasn't talked about it much, but it's been on his mind plenty.
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It could be completely random for all they know, since their captors intentions remain a mystery. Certainly Rat would say he's nothing so special that they should have any interest in him. He rubs his face, and studies the sigils painted on the ceiling, looking older and more weary when he's not all smiles and cheerful friendliness. "It's not just the missing time. I had... bruises. I don't know what they did to me. I have no control over any of it. I don't like... feeling so helpless about it all. I prefer to think of myself as master of my own mind."
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"But they took a chunk of it away." He winces, after the words are out of his mouth, and leans appreciatively into the touch. "I don't mean literally, but... you understand what I meant? They took my memory."
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"I assumed they somehow took me while I was asleep, the first time... but it does throw everything into doubt." He sighs and pulls off his hat, running a hand over thinning hair. "This place... really didn't bother me, until now. Honestly, I've been better off here than I was back home- than I have been in years."
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He's frustrated, but Rat is rarely tense. The squeeze gets a glance her way, and a grateful little smile. Fortescue is definitely on his list of good things about Cape Kore, right close to the top, along with Balthazar. "Sorry, I've been sticking to the house and not doing enough. When I don't have anything to do, my mind goes in circles." He puts his hat back on, and runs a hand down his face. "I think too much. Always been my problem. I guess I just need to resign myself to not finding the answers."
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He gives an amiable nod. "I'm afraid I'm not the one to get the answers, but there's a lot of people around with magic or powers or... whatever. People bigger and badder than myself." He's thinking along the same lines, wondering how he came to be in a houseful of caged angels.

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