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'Ere the world ❆

Who: Meja & you (open)
When: Day 115
What: Magic, plants, attempts at being scholarly.
Where: The community garden, or thereabouts.

Initially, she ventures out to the garden at night — magic can occupy her time when everyone is asleep. Meja brings her notebook with her, along with a blanket to ensure it stays dry and a sack full of stones. She's been writing down everything she can remember from her teachings with Fenrir, even basic rules and exercises. Magic is fickle, her teacher had informed her, and you must not give it a chance to bite.

That had mattered more when she'd been mortal, but still. It was a good thing to keep in mind, especially in terms of damaging her surroundings on accident.

She can be found at the garden in early and late morning, with her hood over her head and a collection of flat stones at her feet, a throwing dagger in hand. The Asgardian steel won't bend, won't break, and so whittling a single rune into each stone isn't difficult. Just time-consuming. A handful of stones are finished, sitting next to her notebook, but she hasn't started her experiments yet. A few more stones first. There's a light mist in the air that only goes a few feet away from the garden itself, something to give the plants a boost at the time of day that they drink the most. And every so often, her gloves glint and glow, the physical sign of the conditions she's maintaining.
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There's an irrigation system in place, but it's a shoddy-looking thing made of pvc pipe and plastic bags and other trash, and while it works fairly well, it would probably end up on somebody's clean-up list if Balthazar didn't keep the other gardeners informed.

In early morning, a tall, scarecrow figure of a man comes to check on it, making sure the little holes along the pipe are unblocked, and none of the connections have gotten knocked loose. It might require less maintenance if it wasn't essentially made from garbage. He darts curious glances at the woman with the glowing hands, but he's hesitant to interrupt. Whenever she looks up, though, he gives a friendly smile and a tip of his cap.
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He blinks, glancing around at the abruptly fading mist, then back at her. "That's... a good trick. Thanks, by the way. This garden needs all the help it can get." He just hopes he's right in guessing she had something to do with that.
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"Well... mine and Balthazar's." He smiles and comes closer to offer a handshake. He looks like somebody who hasn't gotten quite enough to eat in a while, but he's not starving to death. "Markus Rathbone, or just Rat, if you like."
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He's got big hands, and calloused from playing guitar, but he's no stronger than one might expect. "Making do is a skill everybody needs. The garden's been doing well, so thanks! Balthazar hangs out here a lot, too. I don't know exactly what he does to it... have you met him?"
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"I can picture that. He's a good friend to have." Rat pulls off his cap and scratches his head, looking out across the flourishing garden that's a mishmash of whatever edible seeds they could find. There are things growing there he never even knew were edible, before. "I think I do. It's new. I grew up in a factory town, we didn't do a lot of gardening."
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"That's... that's a perfect way of putting it." He looks happily surprised by the thought. "Maybe I should write a song about it. May I ask what it is you're working on, there?"
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"Mostly guitar, but I can fake it on a few different things." He studies the runes with interest. Magic is something he never thought of as real until recently. "I'm sure that would help us all. Sorry, I... don't know much about magic."
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"Not that I've seen. The guitar came with me. And an old harmonica. I guess I got lucky, there." Of course, his guitar and everything in the case came with him largely because it's all he owns and it was strapped to his back when he was abducted here. Lucky is all a matter of perspective.

"There seem to be a lot of kinds of magic, when it didn't even exist, in my world. I mean, not as far as I know..."
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There's definitely a hint of either carelessness or esoteric purpose in what people do and don't arrive with. Musical instruments on their own are fairly harmless, though, so it may just not have been worth prying out of his grasp.

"Well, could be I just haven't looked hard enough before." That's unlikely. He spends a lot of time looking and thinking, especially when he has nothing better to do. He crouches beside her, wincing when one knee creaks, and peers closer at the runes. "Michigan just isn't a place for magic, maybe. People there tend to be focused on the concrete."
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"...Yeah, yeah it is..." Michigan is a place full of Native American words, but it's also a place where they've pushed aside nature to build factories and industry, at least in the lower half of the state, where he's from. "I'm... not sure I should ask what happened there, in your world." He's privately distressed by the hints.
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"...Cold war?" His eyebrows rise, but he lifts a large hand and waves it around to forestall any explanation. "The second World War was bad enough. I don't think I want to know. I may not ever get back, anyway, and your world may not be the same as the future of mine."
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He gives her a weak smile. "Everyone else's sounds unique, to me, so it's probably just a matter of perspective."
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"And the familiar is always boring as compared to the unknown. Everyone else I've talked to seems to come from some fantastical world." He's more entertained, than bothered about this. It just makes everyone more fascinating, as far as Rat is concerned.