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Old dog, new tricks

Who: Balthazar and Rat, unless somebody else wants to wander in.
When: Day 115
What: Rat needs some new songs, and Balthazar has some.
Where: Big garden near House 11

After checking on the irrigation system and making a new friend, Rat settles at the edge of the garden with his guitar, waiting for Balthazar to show up and teach him some new songs. He could be waiting a while, of course, since he came out there first thing in the morning. His sleeping patterns remain very irregular, partly from habits born of years sleeping on the streets, and partly because he's still jumpier than he cares to admit since his abduction. He's started having nightmares. He doesn't talk about it.

The sun is warm in the garden, though, and he's surrounded by plants and buzzing bees and for this particular moment in time, the world isn't crashing down around everybody's ears. When Balthazar finds him, he's asleep sitting up, leaning back against a low wall with his guitar in his lap. He's a light sleeper, but he looks peaceful while he's out.
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Rat's tendency to restless sleep hasn't escaped Balthazar, and he feels sorry for him. At the same time, he can tell the musician's health is improving drastically, so it seems pointless to push him to allow angelic help. He's letting it go for now, but when he comes into the garden and sees the man asleep, he's reluctant to interrupt.

Instead, he pulls a few weeds near-silent, and then sprawls in the grass nearby, assuming Rat will wake when he's ready, or when the sounds of other people in the town wake him.
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"...good dream or bad dream?" Because that wording could mean either.

The angel sits up and stretches lazily. "Maybe an hour 'till dusk. Why do you call your guitar Bessie?"

Balthazar is the ringmaster of the non sequitur circus.
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"The name sounds familiar, but I'm afraid I'm not sure whether I've heard her or not. I was on the planet from 1908 to 1918, and then again after the year 2009. I missed a lot of what occurred in between."
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"I may still have a chance. You never know." Time travel. It could happen.

"It's...varied. There are a number of different styles and genres. I find I tend to be drawn more toward clever lyrics than anything else."
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"One or two have come to mind," he murmurs, and reaches gently for the guitar. He won't take it out of Rat's hands, but assuming he's willing to share, Balthazar will pull it closer and hold it properly, frowning in thought.
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When his fingers start to move, it becomes clear that Balthazar just barely knows how to operate a guitar. He plays a scale and a couple chords, concentrating intensely, then picks out a tune. The rhythm and key make it sound blues-y, and after going over it a few times, Balthazar manages to sing along. He wasn't lying; his voice is mediocre, at best, but he seems to be able to get the tune across, and his pitch isn't bad.

I can't believe in what I've seen;
I've been forsaken. I've been deceived.
Cast aside and left behind
I can't believe my own eyes.

I been waiting for the glory
Of the coming of the Lord.
I heard a lot of stories
But all my prayers have been ignored.
I been waiting in the wings
Between the ocean and the shore,
But this time I'm leaving to stay.
I'm walking away.
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Balthazar finishes out the song, simply and without flourish, then smiles at Rat, just a bit wanly. "You can do better, I'm sure. I could write the lyrics down for you."
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His enthusiasm is endearing. Balthazar smiles, encouraged, and picks out the tune once more, this time without sullying it with his poor singing. He manages a few chords of harmony, as well, but it's still highly amateurish. If he didn't have people all over Kore teaching him things already, he might be begging Rat for music lessons next.

For now, though, the important thing is that they're sharing a song. Once he's done, he offers the guitar back carefully.
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"I'm hardly an expert, but everything I hear, I remember. I could come up with a few more for you, I think." He pats Rat's shoulder companionably.

"You should ask around, though. Might give people something cheerful to think about."
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"I'm like an ipod with wings!" He says cheerfully--almost boyishly--and then he remembers Rat's from a time period where that sort of technology is unheard of. Damn.

"Yes. Quite a lot. I'll teach you some of the ones I like."
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It's kind of him to tolerate Balthazar being silly. He appreciates that.

"But no campfire songs. I think Loki really did mean that." He laughs and holds out his hands for the guitar again.
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Balthazar laughs again and nods. "I tend to agree. With absent, creepy counselors that throw wild animals our way now and again."