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Markus 'Rat' Rathbone ([personal profile] bluesrat) wrote in [community profile] kore_logs 2013-06-05 11:13 pm (UTC)

The smoke from the forest fire hadn't done Rat any favors, and when his cough had worsened, instead of getting better, he'd holed up in a makeshift lean-to, and for the first time truly regretted not settling himself in one of the houses by now. A day or two of rest seemed to have done him good, though. He might not be up for singing, but he was getting desperate for human contact, and that sent him back to the bar with his guitar slung across his back. It had become a near-daily ritual already, in his short time here, disrupted only by the chaos of the barrier breaking. His own contribution had, in the end, been pretty pointless, and still he was paying for it.

His expression, when he entered, was far more gloomy than the usual friendly smile he put on for everyone. When he stepped in and saw the woman sitting by the wall, it took him a moment to reassemble a look of gentle concern on his face. "...You okay?"

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