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Fortescue paused for a moment, thinking that over and remembering a talk she'd had as a child with her Guide. In the days when she'd been very curious about the so-called 'afterlife'.

"Back where I come from, religion is a bottle of laughs. Nothing true about it. Except for the parts about being a good person," she added, snorting just a little. "My soul will get dragged the Planes whether I want it or not, in the end, and then... who knows. Maybe it'll get recycled." Or eaten by a Behemoth, she didn't say.

It was a moment before she added, quietly, "But you're right. If my soul is returned to me pre-maturely... there will be some sort of effect."

There were old texts that mentioned the subject. Nothing recent. And nothing comforting.

"But I don't really have a choice."

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