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"Not that I know of. Of course, it's not like too many people have studied it, I imagine," Fortescue answered thoughtfully. "To be exanimed is also... illegal. I was given special clearance."

She was told after signing up that she'd need to have the procedure done, and by then she barely cared. It wasn't like she could ever see her sister again. Why should she care about the removal of a thing that, for all intents and purposes, did her more harm than good. Why care about others if your only purpose was for wiping them out. Steal a few laughs here or there, a few lively nights, and then die prematurely, like she suspected all of the Black Magi did. It was hardly a safe job. And if all of them had been exanimed...

But then, of course, she'd been transplanted here, and suddenly she had acquaintances and now everything was a bit of a mess.

She wished the tether would heal faster. She really did.

"I've never met anyone who specializes in souls, at least."

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