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Who: Meg & open.
When: Evening of day 244.
What: Drinking!
Where: The dining room.

The dining room was pretty quiet. Meg had made herself quite at home at one of the tables. Legs stretched out, feet propped up on the table. She was surrounded by bags of potato chips, liquor, books and magazines. Her Walkman was playing, ear buds firmly fixed in her ears as she flicked idly through one of the magazines.

To say she was bored would be an understatement. The dull, nothingness days were driving her stir-crazy. She tried to remind herself that it was better than being dead, and better than being mauled by Hellhounds. But a little entertainment wouldn't go amiss.
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Who: Bethmora Fortescue and you (open)
When: Day 239
What: Someone is back from a fatal foray into the woods. As it turns out, numerous scrapes with death don't really measure up to the real thing. Feel free to go prose or brackets.
Where: Anywhere in the Center, ending in the cafeteria/kitchen.

Your body's your affliction, your soul cannot release... )
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Who: Anyone.
When: Starting on day 234.
What: Mysterious doors opening up.
Where: All over the Science Center; into the woods.

If you go down to the woods today... )
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Who: Tyler and You!
When: Days 222-224
Where: Anywhere during the event really, boy'll be wandering around.
What: This poor unfortunate soul sure did arrive at the worst possible time. Help the new guy out a bit as he wanders through the tunnels, encounters some monsters, explores and sets a few things on fire by accident.
Warnings: Probably violence.

Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! )
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Who: Tony Stark and You (meaning, whoever wants to stop by)
When: 216?
Where: Tony's Lab
What: Tony in his lab doing Tony things. ...the age appropriate Tony things.
Warnings: None that I can think of? Just shenanigans.

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Who: Bethmora Fortescue & Donna Noble
Where: Donna's room.
When: Night 215
What: Taking an evening for some much needed R&R.

that's when it starts, but if you blink you'll miss the fun )
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Who: Everyone who sees the network post re: the explosion and the impending blob threat!
When: Morning of Day 196. The blob threat and altered personalities have an open-ended date, atm, so people can be dealing with those as they wish!
Where: One of the science labs.
What: The orb causes an explosion of sorts in the lab, which results in two things: 1) some characters act "off," their personalities altering in some way, and 2) there are tiny red blobs (very The Blob-esque) everywhere that are harmless until you get close enough and you realize they want to jump onto your face.

[ The lab is a mess; cabinets and drawers are open, some faucets are dripping, and there's glass and scattered paper and things everywhere. Most troubling, however, are the blobs that like to suffocate people.

Freeze them, contain them in cupboards or whatever intact container you find handy, see if they're afraid of the Bunsen burner, try to use weapons on them -- best to get them cleaned up quickly, though! ]
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Who: Fortescue, and you. (Open!)
When: Day 195
Where: The cafeteria.
What: Things feel weird to Fortescue, and that means the old paranoia's coming right back. This means breaking out the booze. Predictably.
Warnings: Some small mentions of torture. Will update if there's anything else.

What if this is all a nightmare? )
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Who: Balthazar Blake and you
When: Day 166
Where: Library
What: You can't have magic without knowledge, and you can't have knowledge without research.
Warning: None, although he can be kind of pedantic when he's in Teacher Mode.

Blake has been keeping as low a profile as humanly possible, and when you're a sorcerer, that's pretty damn low. It's okay; he's used to solitude, used to having no companionship other than his duty. When you have no one to complain to, you just get on with business.

At least the library is diverting. The stacks are not exactly reliable, but they have notes on magic and quantum physics that are new even to him, and he's been studying for over a millennium. His focus now is protecting the Grimhold. Afraid to leave it anywhere, he's got it in a hip pocket of his coat, but he swears every now and again he can feel it shift anyway, like it's responding to something in the place. Reaching. Communicating?

He sure as hell hopes not, but just in case, he's sweating over a large book involving wards and binding circles, all scowls as he sketches out some of the sigils. Figuring out something the place can't break through may be impossible, but at least no one will be able to say he didn't try.
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Who: The Doctor and Fortescue
When: Day 162
Where: Hola there is an outside world!
What: ADVENTURE. What are the odds of running into zombies?
Warnings: None that I can think of.

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Who: Fortescue & McCoy
When: Day 158
Where: Infirmary.
What: Hellhounds bite well. Too well. Time to get that patched up.
Warnings: Injuries. Flirting?

She'd always been more of a cat person, anyway. )
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Who: Fortescue, Castiel, Balthazar
When: Day 148
Where: Corridors.
What: She's back in the Science Center, and things did not go so well back home.
Warnings: Hallucinations, mentions of torture.

Who am I when I'm alone? )
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Who: Meja, or Fortescue, and perhaps you? (open)
When: Anytime during days 135 - 138.
Where: Deep in the halls of the building.
What: People deal with emotion in very different ways. (Catch-all for both Fortescue and Meja during the bloodlust event. Feel free to bother one or both.)
Warning: Likely mentions of character death and the apocalypse.

...shields are sundered, drains the life-force of doomed men... )
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Who: Fortescue, Clyde Fortescue, and you.
Where: The dining hall.
What: Ghosts play chess. Who knew?
When: Day 127
Warnings: None yet! Your character can see Clyde at your own discretion.

we would be empty. )
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Who: Courtney and open! (Feel free to jump in whether we've plotted oocly or not.)
When: Day 121
Where: The tunnels
What: Déjà vu, all over again.

It's been three years, seven months, and four days since the last time Courtney entered a tunnel in the earth leading to who-knows-where. Back then, she knew the layout of the Goblin Market, knew where to turn to avoid the guards, how to avoid the pushiest vendors, and what hill the Duchess kept her mansion on. Now, the Kingdom of Summer's Twilight is closed to her, and she misses it like she'd miss her own arm if it were cut from her body. Maybe she even gets phantom pains now and then, a craving for the taste of fruits grown in the orchard that no sunlight touches.

With Wilf, she could always talk about this, but he's not here now. Instead, there's a gaping hole in the ground, and she's pretty sure there are no faeries on the other side.

(And yet, a small piece of her dares to hope, as she steps into the darkness.)

She goes a short way with a ball of magelight cupped in her palm, but once the light from the Cape fades, so does her magic. She makes a tiny sound of dismay as the blue glow gutters and goes out. Going back isn't an option, and she can't hear anyone else around her. When she was twelve, someone accused her of having nerves of iron. Ultimately, she's more stubborn than brave, but that's enough to keep her putting one foot in front of the other, as her heart flutters in her chest and her eyes strain in the blackness.
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Who: Fortescue, Donna, and Rat, with a bonus Meja (open).
When: Day 121
Where: The Cape, and then the tunnels.
What: Fortescue makes sure that her friends are safe, and Meja circles the Cape once or twice to ensure that people are getting out all right. (Catch-all for both. Bother at will! Let me know who you want in the header.)

And I feel fine. )
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Who: Balthazar, Fortescue, and Mina
What: Discussion of healing, magic, and possibly Current Events.
When: After dark, Day 117
Where: The library

He's gotten fairly cavalier about flying himself from place to place, of late. Now that Michael's here, he thinks it unwise to do so, lest he draw unwanted attention. Thus, Balthazar leaves his house well after dusk and walks to the library. It's not unpleasant, really; the sky is cloudy and opaque, but there's a breeze and some crickets making friendly noises. You'd almost never know how bizarre Kore is, simply from walking from one building to the other.

Then again, he can see the ruins of the General Store as he goes.

He enters the library without ceremony, and turns on the lights. Mina alone he could meet in the dark, but he's not sure whether Fortescue's night vision equal's her cat's, so it seems polite to have some illumination.
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WHO: Riley, Gabriel, and everyone in this bar
WHAT: Catnip shenanigans
WHERE: All over the place
WHEN: Day 111
WARNINGS: Drugged up Riley being ridiculous

I don't know, but I bet someone's laughing their ass off )

{ooc: Anyone is free to run into Riley at this point. It can be when she first leaves the house or perhaps a bit later after she's 'attacked' a few people. Everyone's welcome to try to deal with her and hopefully she won't out herself to the wrong person.

P.S., Gabriel's a poophead.}
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Who: Fortescue & you
Where: House 15, the bar (or anywhere in town, really).
When: Day 111
What: She's used to living by herself. Too used to it.

And endless red tape to keep the truth confined... )

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