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we'll open up a restaurant in santa fe

Who: Reconstruction Club and whoever wants to come by to visit.
When: um... let's say a backdated Day 79 through Day 81? This could be flexible, too.
Where: The semi ruined diner.
What: Cleaning the diner site! Rebuilding the diner! Eating lunch/taking breaks!

The first day, Day 79 Dean's learned from the people who've been here the longest, is mostly spent doing the menial stuff -- making the site workable and cleaning it up a bit, and then training some of the people less familiar with what's going on, figuring out who should handle what and what's safe.

After that it's a matter of slowly getting everything together. Checking the foundation, fixing up the floor, rebuilding the walls, patching the roof. There's some electrical work to figure out and be careful with because some of the equipment is salvageable, so the wiring has to be checked, that kind of thing.

Dean, Erik, and Tony dole out the orders, keep an eye on everyone. Their supplies are what they've managed to gather or whatever people might've brought in.
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The first time he comes by the refreshments, which is pretty late in the day, Rat gives the woman running it a friendly and grateful smile. "This looks fantastic, thanks! What would we do without you?"
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"Oh, I dunno... die a slow death from thirst?" She's joking and the smile she gives him proves it. "It's nothing much, just a little sommat to keep the workers fuelled up."

She motions to the remainder of the cake and biscuits. "Help yourself."
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He chuckles. "That would be a cruel irony when we're working on seawater purification..." He's been busy. He'll take some biscuits though, careful not to take the last of anything. "Thank you, you're an angel." He doffs his cap to her, showing a badly receding hairline, but plenty of manners.
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Hey, nothing wrong with a receding hairline - it adds character. And good manners definitely make a man! "Yeah, seems the world has a thing about irony. So, just to piss it off, no dying - alright?"
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Rat has lots of character. Less hair every year, though. He pulls his cap back on and takes a long swallow from a cup of tea. "Not planning to any time soon, but most people don't really have control over that kind of thing."
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"Yeah, well, just be extra careful not to die - or I shall hunt down your corpse and poke it with a stick, alright?" She really doesn't want anyone else she knows to turn up dead.
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He looks a little amused, and a little touched, and salutes carefully with the cup. "Yes ma'am." It's actually worth quite a lot to him to have somebody care whether he lives or dies. That's been rare enough, in the past few years.
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What kind of mother hen would she be if she didn't fuss and worry about all the residents? Besides, he seems like a sweetheart. "Glad to hear it!"
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She's not wrong, in her opinion of him. "Just as long as you promise to stay safe and sound, too."
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"I promise that I'll try my best. Will that do?" It is the best she has to offer.
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"Fair enough." He gives her a gentle smile. "And best of luck."
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"You too, sweetheart. And be sure to pop by for tea any time."
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Nobody's called him sweetheart for a while, and certainly nobody younger than himself. Also the accent is endearing. He smiles gratefully, and he'll remember to stop by every day they're working, as long as she's there. A friendly face is a good incentive to remember to eat.