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Blackout, blackout!

Who: The residents of Cape Kore
Where: The center of town, near the ruined fountain
When: Day 100
What: Stane gathered some supplies for a community fire. Consider this a party-style post reacting to the lack of power and the loss of the communicators.

After the power goes out, Stane spends a few minutes standing stock still in the room, holding his breath and waiting for it to come back, but he doesn't waste too much time lingering in that kind of hopefulness. People are going to need things; they're going to need fire to cook and boil water, and they're going to need to do something about the food that's going to spoil.

It's so important that he helps them. It's so important that he helps them stay alive. Maybe the dream sharing is getting to him, maybe it's made his nightmares... feel real, but...

They're going to survive this. He's determined.

He gathers some wood that can be used for firewood and kindling, and he leaves them in the center of the town; he has no way of announcing that the things are there, really, but he cups his hands around his mouth and shouts a general Go to the fountain! Maybe someone will hear him.
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If Balthazar hadn't dragged him indoors, Rat wouldn't have even noticed the power shortage. He is, in so many ways, used to doing without. While he may or may not have heard the call, the sight of a communal fire draws him out of sheer habit. Usually they're in trash cans and the people around them are more like himself, but it's the spirit of the thing. He's got his guitar, and all this just looks almost festive to him.

Rat sits on the edge of the fountain and tunes up, idly strumming the strings and people watching.
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Not particularly surprised to see Rat here with his guitar — he fits right in, certainly — Fortescue gets up to sit next to him, once her need for information has been satiated as much as it can be. There's only so much to learn, at the moment. She's smiling as she settles down.

"Good to see you out and about."
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He looks up with a weak smile, but he's looked better. After more than a week of radio silence, Rat looks like he's recovering from illness or injury. "Hey. Ah... sorry about that. Not to sound..." He gestures vaguely in the air with one hand, then gives up looking for the right word. "When did you see me last?"
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"We spoke after the incident with the dreams, I believe," she comments, after a moment's thought. Time gets away from you when you don't have a reliable means of keeping track of it. Fortescue shakes her head slightly. "You don't need to apologize."
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"I remember that, just not sure how long ago it was." He rubs his face, and stares at the bonfire without really seeing it."Balthazar thinks I was... abducted."
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"Oh." Fortescue frowns. "You don't remember anything after that? I guess it was... more than a week ago." She gives him a once-over with her eyes, though not in the way she usually does with people. "Are you all right?"
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He gives a shrug, and strums a chord on the guitar to distract himself, or possibly to regain a sense of normality. He's feeling rough, with aches and pains he can't really explain, and a sense of disjointed time he can't quite ignore. Not having answers bothers him, far more than he wants to show.

"Not really. Woke up in the alley, so that didn't seem so strange, but... that was just the other day. In between there's nothing. I'm all right. Just feel like I'm getting over the flu or something. Like I've just woken up from a fever-dream." He gives a frustrated sigh.
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She gives his shoulder a gentle squeeze. "Well, I'm glad you're back, even if it's..." A shrug of her own. "Back here, with no power."
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He leans into the touch a little, and flashes her a grateful look. "Honestly, if I weren't hanging out at Balthazar's place, I never would've known. Anyway, it seems peaceful enough, and people are gathering together, so it's not all bad, right?"
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Fortescue glances back at the fire, and those around it, nodding a little. "It's not so bad at the moment," she agrees. There are looming concerns on the horizon, but for now, it's more like camping. Camping in an abandoned town. "With your guitar here in the background I'd say it's friendly."
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He gives a lopsided little grin. "Glad to make it a little friendlier. Any requests?" He strums a chord, eager to be useful in some way.
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She takes a deep breath, smiling. "Oh, I don't know. Something cheerful?"
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"You're asking a blues man for something cheerful?" He raises an eyebrow at her, but grins, teasing a little. This is not to say he doesn't know any happy songs, but cheer does feel a little forced, right now. Rat's fingers strum a few idle chords while he thinks, then he starts a cheerful little melody, not really feeling like singing along. Perhaps instrumentals will do for now.
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Fortescue laughs quietly at the tease. But the tune he strikes up is more than enough to make things seem less... dark around the edges. Or ominous, perhaps. "Well that's not too bad. We can call it baby blues," she jokes. "Not dark blues."
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He laughs, fingers still rolling out the tune. "Okay, baby blues. That works." Rat gives her a wink, since the same term could be used to describe his own eyes.

"I do know more than blues, though. I used to be a music teacher."
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"Maybe you could teach some people here to play." Though she isn't volunteering, knowing full well that, aside from dancing, she's not very musical. "If a few more instruments could be scared up from the houses, at least."
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"I mostly taught kids, but I'll teach anyone who wants to learn..." He gives her an inquiring look anyway. "More instruments would be good, but I could teach somebody on Bessie, in a pinch." He pats the body of the guitar a little, with a soft hollow ringing.
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Fortescue glances down at his instrument. She isn't much for naming things. Partly because it's never really occurred to her.
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Rat gives a sheepish little smile. "After Bessie Smith. She... needed a name. My old band lead gave her to me, after... well. She's been with me a while." He's been homeless for a long time, and lost several important people, but his guitar has been with him through it all. It's hard not to anthropomorphize what's had to stand in for a best friend over the years.
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She has to think for a long moment. Music isn't really her specialty, as far as knowledge goes. But, yes, the name does ring a bell. "She's a singer, isn't she?"
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"Yeah, she's a singer." He gives her a gentle smile. "And if you've never actually heard her sing, I'm sorry."
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"I probably have, at some point on the radio. But I likely wasn't paying attention at the time." Fortescue offers him an apologetic smile in return. "I do remember that she's popular with many people, in the... jazz genre?"

Her cat perks up at the mention.
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He laughs, and stops playing to reach out and stroke the cat's head. "Yes sweetheart. She was popular. She was one of the best singers that ever lived. Used to sing with Louis Armstrong a lot- please tell me you've heard of him?"
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"Him I've heard of, yes," she chuckles. "There's a lot of different music in my world. I've lost track of all the different styles."

Whenever a device was brought over from another world with music, it was given as a gift to the world. The same was true of most art and fashion. Thus, in a bid to be as trendy as possible, the artistic industries were chaos in visual and audible form.
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"Oh, we've got a pretty diverse assortment of music, too. Blues is my favorite, but I always tried to cover all kinds when I was teaching..." Rat would probably enjoy seeing that aspect of her world, at least.

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