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Who: John Watson and Open
When: Day 147
Where: John's room and various.
What: newbie be wandering

At first John just sat a good long while on his bed. It was typical. Though he'd thought himself well beyond the days when he was deliberately trolled by the universe at large. Once he'd stumbled into that sort of role however, the universe seemed reluctant to let him out of it.

His first impressions were poor, that is to say, if this was Mycroft's idea of trying to reconnect through enforced placement. John was going to have to have words with the elder Holmes. Currently the only Holmes, but that was another of those things that John didn't like to think about, so they got brushed back into the recesses of his mind. A much less organized place than one would think for such an upstanding and productive British citizen.

Realization gradually sank in however, this was no effort of Mycrofts to lure him into conversation by means of science experimentation.

He was well and truly stuck.

The where's and why's and how's of the matter spun John's head in circles until it was clear that no matter how often he tried, he was not going to deduce any answers from what was inside his conveniently labeled room. Other minds might prove better at that task, but it was always in John's nature to go and look, even if he might not know what it was he was looking for. Or at.

John H. Watson was the picture of polite curiosity, finding no one outside his room to stop him. He wandered freely.
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Who: Balthazar and anyone who wants a piece of him.
Where: All over the halls, possibly the kitchen and/or atrium.
When: During the Bloodlust event.
What: Snark with a sharper edge than usual. Possible violence.
Warnings: None yet, if things get gory I'll add a note.

It starts small, just a feeling of restless irritation. He chalks it up to the loss of some of his hobbies, and tries to distract himself by mapping out the place, like he'd told Michael he would.

Of course, the place isn't amenable to being mapped, and the activity reminds him that Michael's here, and that makes him feel watched. Trapped. Like a college student who's been forced back into his parents' home to live, he finds he resents the idea more than he ever did before.

It builds from there, and before long, he's quietly vandalizing furniture--breaking chairs, picking panels off the walls, even drawing his sword to jab at various inanimate objects. He leaves a trail of damage in his wake, everything from bolts and screws to broken glass.

If anyone catches up to him, they'll find him in an empty room, balancing his blade in one hand to fling into the wall, embedding it halfway to the hilt, only to withdraw it and try the same trick again. Repeatedly. Swissshhhhh....thunk!
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Who: Brigd + Everyone
When: Days 135-138
Where: Around the building, on day 138, in the woods
What: By the afternoon of Day 135, Brigid will be... wolfed.
Warning: Brigid will be violent and will attack.

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Who: Raphael and anyone
When: Day 135 (11/22-11/24) to Day 138 (12/1-12/3)
Where: The Science Center
What: Bloodlust is hitting the archangel HARD
Warning: Will update as needed! Violence though!

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Who: The Doctor, everyone!
Where:Around the science center
What: Ghosts!
When: Day 127

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WHO: Riley, Gabriel, and everyone in this bar
WHAT: Catnip shenanigans
WHERE: All over the place
WHEN: Day 111
WARNINGS: Drugged up Riley being ridiculous

I don't know, but I bet someone's laughing their ass off )

{ooc: Anyone is free to run into Riley at this point. It can be when she first leaves the house or perhaps a bit later after she's 'attacked' a few people. Everyone's welcome to try to deal with her and hopefully she won't out herself to the wrong person.

P.S., Gabriel's a poophead.}
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Who: Balthazar, Rat and Open!
What: Lights are out. They should build a pillowfort and tell scary stories, right?
When: Day 101
Where: House 11, with possible visits around town by Balthazar, should anyone want that.

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Who: The residents of Cape Kore
Where: The center of town, near the ruined fountain
When: Day 100
What: Stane gathered some supplies for a community fire. Consider this a party-style post reacting to the lack of power and the loss of the communicators.

After the power goes out, Stane spends a few minutes standing stock still in the room, holding his breath and waiting for it to come back, but he doesn't waste too much time lingering in that kind of hopefulness. People are going to need things; they're going to need fire to cook and boil water, and they're going to need to do something about the food that's going to spoil.

It's so important that he helps them. It's so important that he helps them stay alive. Maybe the dream sharing is getting to him, maybe it's made his nightmares... feel real, but...

They're going to survive this. He's determined.

He gathers some wood that can be used for firewood and kindling, and he leaves them in the center of the town; he has no way of announcing that the things are there, really, but he cups his hands around his mouth and shouts a general Go to the fountain! Maybe someone will hear him.
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Who: Brigid and that sassy Archangel Gabriel
When: Day 99
Where: the Church
Summary: Brigid hasn't met the Messenger yet. He's looking for big brother.

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Who: The Doctor, open
When: evening of day 97
Where: in the woods
What: The Doctor discovers that Jubilee is gone and does not take it well.

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Who: Dirk and OPEN
What: Productivity is the enemy of something or other. Map making.
Where: Out and about
When: Day 95

In an effort to get a better idea of the lay of the land, Dirk has made a rough map of the town, complete with all buildings, pathways, and obtrusive foliage. Like most of his projects, however, Dirk's map has quickly transformed into something obtuse and oddly managed. His current project is cameras. If he can mark down where every camera is, he hopes it will reveal where there aren't any cameras.

He's assuming for the moment that all of the buildings are wired, so he's starting outside.

Starting in the early afternoon, Dirk works his way across the town starting near the lighthouse and eventually working his way back through the town. He's trying to be systematic about his recording, but it's hard to be systematic when some of the cameras are so easy to miss. He climbs a few trees with his red pen tucked behind his ear, he peers up into the eaves of buildings, he checks under benches and around shrubbery, and he's filling up his map with small red triangles.
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Who: Castiel and OPEN
Where: In his head
When: Days 83-88
What: Several dream options, including action, horror, comedy and exploring the city.
Warnings: One of these has a body horror element. It's the last one and I've labeled it as such.
Notes: Most of these will be recurring dreams for Cas and multiple replies to any of them are welcome. After the first two nights (83 and 84), Castiel will be aware that dreams are being shared, but he may still forget it while he's dreaming due to wonky dream-logic.

Memory-based dreams are open for characters to remember seeing during the event, even if they don't tag here to interact with Cas and if you want to play your character remembering themselves in Castiel's place, that's fine, too.

Give me a dream and a day in the subject and if there's anything specific you want to do, just let me know!

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Who: Fortescue, and you (open)
Where: The bar.
When: Day 78, late morning/early afternoon.
What: Fortescue stops holing herself up in her room and decides to go to the bar to self-medicate her discomforts.

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Who: Raphael and Gabriel
Where: Gabriel's room in House 11
When: Late night Day 77/obscenely early morning Day 78
What: Raphael is basically a stray cat. At least he doesn't scratch up the doors?

well, actually he drives me up the wall, but he gives me candy and that'll do for now )
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Who: Clint and OPEN
Where: Outside around town.
When: Day 75 - Late morning.
What: Clint's hobbling around and tired of being bed ridden.
Warnings: Probably cursing because Clint doesn't know how to function without any of that.

he escaped. clearly someone dropped the ball. )
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Who: the Doctor, EVERYONE
Where: Doctor's house
When: Night of day 73
What: The Doctor Time Lord Victorious holds an escape plan meeting.

Ever since the Master had arrived, the Doctor has been stewing in an anger so deep that he didn't quite understand it himself. He couldn't ever recall feeling like this for this long, but it was there. Part anger, part mania, part obession all channeled into one thing: escaping.

Initially it felt like a holiday, but that had worn off, leaving him in this state. Everything here was wrong, and it was up to him to change that.

Leaning against the wall, arms crossed, the Doctor looked at the room before him. He had finally bothered cleaning things up, given now he was in the final testing rounds of the generator. The floors were cleared of the debris, dishes washed, kitchen sanitized - everything had its proper place. Everything except them.

All the cameras in the house were covered by towels, and in the middle of the room were some chalkboards he managed to find. On the top of one, Part 1: the escape and the other, Part 2: the distraction. Given his idea had to separate pieces that needed to work together, this seemed appropriate. Now, if he can get everyone to come.

[ooc: Don't be afraid to tag each other in the threads. I'm imagining this will become quite chaotic after a while XD]
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WHO: Markus 'Rat' Rathbone and you?
WHAT: Playing music and taking requests, meeting new people.
WHEN: Day 72
WHERE: The bar

Since his arrival days ago, Markus Rathbone has hung around the edges of things, offering help to the odd refugee and struggling to overcome his moral qualms about just moving into an abandoned house. Hunger has forced him to raid the empty ones for food, but he hasn't gotten past crashing on a couch or the floor and hasn't settled in anywhere.
His days are spent in the library or wandering around town getting the lay of the land, and whenever he gets tired of that he finds a stool at the bar and fiddles around on his guitar, whether there's anyone else there to listen or not. That's just where he is today, tuning up and strumming a tune idly, rich smoky baritone rolling out through the shadowy space.

"No one to talk with
All by myself
No one to walk with
But I'm happy on the shelf
Ain't misbehavin'
I'm savin' my love for you..."
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Who: Dean Winchester, Raphael, and Gabriel.
When: Day 72.
Where: The woods.
What: Raphael and Gabriel have some revenge plans for what Dean did as a trickster, and today's the day.
Warnings: Fighting animals/things in the woods, violence.

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Who: Oliver and whoever's in the mood
When: Day 65
Where: In and around town
What: Ollie just needs to get out and about. Anybody who'd like to run into him is more than welcome.

He's tired of being cooped up in his attic and he can't stand to sit still for very long anywhere else in the house with the way that the quiet ticking of the clock grows ever louder in his ears, echoing in his skull. Reasonably, Oliver knows that he isn't being watched from there. The strategically placed cameras to which he's slowly beginning to grow accustomed are a blatant reminder of that. But still. Old habits.

It still hurts a bit to walk but he has otherwise mostly healed from his battles prior to arriving in this town. Walking (or limping) around the place, he supposes, will not only help to clear his head but is probably also good for rehabilitating his injury. So, early in the morning, he tugs his flat cap down a bit to block the rising sun from his eyes and begins. He has half a mind to drop in on Charles at some point in the day but that is about as close as he gets to having any purpose save shaking off his restlessness.
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Who: Dean Winchester and: Meyer Lansky, Gabriel, Chuck, Raphael, Crowley, Balthazar, Castiel (and if we talked about Dean pranking your character OOCly already, then you too and I'm a ditz and forgot!)
What: Exploits of one Dean Winchester, hilariously suited to being a Trickster. Well, hilarious to him. For the moment.
When: Day 59 (I think? If you want it to be on another day that'll probably be fine.)
Where: Various spots around the Cape. Pretty much just tag in and say where you are/what you dude is doing, it can be super short or super not. Dean will appear/run into them!
Warnings: Individual threads will feature different situations. In one thread, there's dubcon. In general, not-so-nice pranking and near-killing.

Notes: This is pretty much closed to the people I've already discussed pranks/etc. with oocly. If I left your name off it's because I am occasionally the most forgetful person on the planet; just let me know and I'll fix it!

Ever since he woke up the other day -- well, since Cas woke him up, but that's a whole other issue -- he's been stuffing his face with candy and also fighting to keep his hands to himself. The longer this goes on though, the more people freak out about their new bodies, and Dean feels more and more unhinged, and it's like it's... not even a problem. It feels good, like he's buzzed on sugar and caffeine and general mayhem, and it's great. He can't remember the last time he ever felt so carefree.

But then sometimes, something reaches through the buzz, and it's like having a rock in his shoe. It's like a little pinch at first, but then it gets worse, and worse, until it's all Dean can think about, and he has to do something about it.

He has to give these people what's coming to them. They'd do the same to him, wouldn't they? Hell, some of them did already. It's time for Dean to show them how much it sucks when something more powerful than them wants to come along and teach them a lesson.

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